Cookie Policy

Last Updated: 31/01/2023

What are cookies?  

Cookies are files containing small data fragments which are sent from a website to your browser or device when you visit a website.  They are used mainly to identify and store information. Thus, whenever you visit this website again, the browser sends the cookie back to retrieve prior activities.  

We use cookies for various tasks, such as offering an efficient navigation on our website pages, recalling your preferences and improving your experience. Cookies also allows for the customization of the advertisement you see on our website.  

When you visit our website, we also use these technologies to provide an online service suited to the device you are using, as well as to prevent and detect fraud. 


What are the purposes of cookies on our website?

  • Ensure your security and privacy during your navigation on our websites; 
  • Provide you with ads that are more relevant to you and your interests;  
  • Improve our orientation and your navigation through our websites and partner websites; 
  • Enable our understanding of how you navigate on our websites so we can identify improvements; and 
  • Assess our websites' publicity and promotional effectiveness.

How long do we store the cookies? 

Cookies usually have an expiry date. The period of time for your browser to store the data will depend upon the kind of cookie used. Some cookies are deleted automatically when you close your browser (the so-called session cookies), while others may be stored for a longer period in your computer until manually deleted (the so-called persistent cookies).


What kind of cookies do we use? 

Aquiris uses the following kinds of cookies:

  • strictly necessary cookies for our website to work correctly. It is not possible to refuse these cookies if you want to access the website;
  • analysis cookies, to improve the website contents, providing information about how it is being used in order to improve your experience as a user.  They perform automatic collection of certain personal data to identify, for instance, how many times a certain page was visited;
  • functionality cookies, to record the previously provided data in order to improve the user's navigation experience; and
  • marketing cookies, so we can send communications to the data owners and target campaigns and actions according to their interests.

Also, we use own (first-hand) cookies and cookies of partner companies (third parties) to support our activities.

Finally, it is important to explain that Aquiris assumes no responsibility for the use of cookies by third parties. Be alert, as cookies placed by third parties may continue to monitor your online activities even after you have left our website, so it is advisable that you delete your navigation data periodically. 


Personal data privacy and protection: 

Learn more about how we treat your personal data by accessing or General Privacy Policy available here.

Versions of this document:

For your convenience, this Policy is available both in Portuguese and English.  In case there is any doubt about the interpretation of these two versions, the Portuguese version shall prevail for all purposes. 

The General Privacy Policy is a controlled document. Version control must be carefully observed.

DateDescriptionPerson responsibleVersion
11/05/2022First version of the Cookie PolicyRaphael Baldi1
31/01/2023Second version of the Cookie PolicyRaphael Baldi1.1

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Our website uses cookies to improve your experience, customize our contents according to your interests and ensure greater security to you. Cookies are used in strict compliance with the applicable laws.

For further information about the use of cookies and personal data treatment by Aquiris, refer to our Cookie Policy and our General Privacy Policy.