BLOGGame UpdatesNew Update: Local Multiplayer + Viva La Fiesta!

New Update: Local Multiplayer + Viva La Fiesta!

After an Egg Hunt season, now it’s time to celebrate what we’ve achieved and join the Latin party. Viva La Fiesta is the latest Horizon Chase 2 event and we’re ready to see you rocking with our thematic skins through our World Tour!
9 de mayo de 2023

Author Leonardo Lorenzoni

During May, you are invited to our Latin party. Join the Playground, collect tickets, and claim the three new paints: Salsa Red (Cruiser-R), Japaleño Green (Dream), and La Vihuela (Nave).

Check them out in our special event trailer:

Featuring: Local Multiplayer!

This update has brand new feature that was inspired by the classic games: the Local Multiplayer. Call your friends to your home, get the snacks ready and enjoy the split-screen gameplay. Now you can play Horizon Chase 2 by yourself or with up to three other friends!

Available for Mac and Apple TV (except Apple TV HD).

Ready to party with your friends? Already have a favorite new paint? Share your feedback on our Discord community and help us improve Horizon Chase 2. Your opinion is very important to us!

Join the party! Join our Discord:

See you in the next challenge!

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New Update: Local Multiplayer + Viva La Fiesta!

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